The State of Ohio is a dynamic place to build a business, expand operations and capitalize on a growing economy.  That's why Chief Executive Magazine recently named Ohio as the state with the most improved business climate in America.

Ohio offers business leaders amenities that few other states can match:

health-icons-12Strong and Diverse Business Climate

Ohio's economic regions are strong, diverse and growing.  Ohio is outpacing the nation with increased capital investment and a lower unemployment rate than similar states.  Ohio is a leader in manufacturing, logistics, financial services, agriculture, automotive, energy and consumer products industries.

general-icons-26Low Taxes for Business Investment

Ohio government leaders have dramatically lowered tax burdens that can stand in the way of commercial progress.  Ohio has no corporate income taxes.  No franchise taxes.  No tax on new machinery and equipment.  And no out-of-state tax.  Moreover, the state has robust  job creation and retention tax credits to lower the cost of doing business.

general-icons-06Home to Global Business

Business leaders from 42 countries have made investments in Ohio.  The state promotes active trade discussions, business development partnerships and investment from businesses based outside the United States.

manufacturing-icons-09Efficient Access to Markets

Ohio is located within 600 miles of 60% of the U.S. and Canadian population.  Businesses can move parts and products in and out with ease and efficiency.  With five international airports, three air cargo hubs,  robust rail access and a location on the Great Lakes and Ohio River, Ohio provides seamless air-to-rail, air-to-highway and air-to-water transport connectivity.

general-icons-04World-Class Skilled Workforce

With a labor pool of 5.9 million people and home to some of the nation’s best universities, Ohio offers a workforce that can meet the need of any employer.